The simplest way to manage your Google™ accounts

Our extension helps you set a default account for Google Meet™, Gmail™, Google Calendar™, or any other Google™ product.


Save precious time and avoid frustration

Select the default account for all products

Choose the primary account that you'd like to use for Google™ products. You can also customize each product separately.

For example, set up work accounts for Meet and Calendar, personal for Gmail™ and Google Maps™, client's for AdWords™ and Google Analytics™.

Easily switch between accounts

Use the hotkey combination Option (Alt) + {num} to switch between different Google™ accounts quickly. Customize them to your preferences. It's never been easier.


We have no analytics and collect Zero data about you. Period. In fact, our extension doesn't send any data outside of your computer.

That's why we'd love to hear from you about how you like the extension. Really, there's no other way for us to know 🤷 🤷🏽

Free to use

All features are free to use. Forever. It's our promise.
It's available thanks to the great team at Uptech that built the extension.
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Plan & Pricing

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Default account
Customize by service
Hotkeys to switch account
Fully private
Free forever
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Real story from real users

“I was always frustrated when co-workers send me the link that contains THEIR default accounts. With Default Accounts for Google™ products, it's no longer a problem.”

Dima Kovalenko
CEO at Uptech

“Google used to navigate me to the wrong account, always at the worst time when I was already late for the meeting. It was so frustrating. Now all the problems are gone!”

Andriy Bas
CEO at Plai

“It's a game-changer! Now I can easily manage by 6 Google Accounts without any problems!”

Roman Furman
CEO at Teamroom

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